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Guy Vincent Wilson

1962 - 2021

             KR Consulting & Contracting Ltd.              

Woodland and forage management.                           



One can toil away for a lifetime without realizing the meaning of these words and still be hugely successful, if success measured by wealth alone. True success only comes once you find fulfillment in how you earn, being close to loved ones, and allowing yourself to enjoy it all. Once everything begins to fall into place, financial success is almost inevitable. We have been extensively involved in forestry, agriculture, oil & gas, and manufacturing for  almost 40 years. We believe in hard work, family, community and in doing amazing things in business - all while loving and respecting our natural environment. Some of our services will include:     

Low impact tree clearing

Low impact mulching

Low impact selective timber harvesting

Milling lumber and larger timbers



Custom corrals and cattle handling

Pole Structures

Much more to follow! Please follow along below for more information on our products and services being offered.


Kevin’s Bio

The owner, Kevin Raabis began His career in the Forestry industry in 1981. He fought fires and in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan and worked as a Tree Faller in the winter. In the following years Kevin ran heavy equipment including cats, skidders, and loaders in the bush, planted, and felled trees, and continued fighting forest fires and ended up in a major sawmill in Northern Alberta.

With His marriage looming Kevin relocated back to central Alberta. There he made His way working at Canada Packers and then with His own landscaping and construction company specializing in new landscape builds and roofing.  

Kevin could not withstand the lure of the Alberta Oilfields any longer and took a job at NOWSCO in Red Deer. There he worked his way up to a Cement Supervisor.

In 1994 Kevin Took a posting in Northern Siberia in a 370 well oilfield. There he taught the Russian Nationals how to run the Canadian equipment including cement equipment, frac blenders and pumpers, excavators, loaders, cats, pickers, and winch trucks, as well as implementing a safety program. 30 days off at a time was not sitting well and while on his rotation home from Siberia Kevin hauled logs (the bush again) from Central Alberta to the then busy mills in Nakusp, Golden, and Revelstoke. In 1996 Kevin was promoted to Foreman in Russia. Over the following two years the rotations in became longer and the hitches home shorter. In 1999 He left Russia and came back to Red Deer and returned to NOWSCO.  BJ services had bought it by then and they promptly employed Kevin as a Field Sup for cementing.

After a few years Kevin Left BJ and went consulting. There he supervised oil and gas well completions, workovers, and drilling activities from NW Saskatchewan to the deep wells in the Alberta Foothills and NE British Columbia. By 2010, He had drilled deep wells in the foothills south of Grande Cache, Alberta and was a Field Superintendent for one of the major Oil Companies supervising completion and workover activities in the Deep Basin area in Alberta and NE British Columbia.

In the fall of 2013 Kevin resigned and went to work as a field Superintendent for one of the major Frac water companies. While there, Kevin and His wife Mona added to KR Consulting with a full line of oilfield winch trucks and logging trucks forming the basic services around what they love to do.  With the downturn in the Canadian economy, Kevin headed back to oilfield consulting and since has been a part of great companies like Encana and ExxonMobil. 

During the onset of Covid-19, he has been rotating in and out of Argentina as part of a Canadian team assisting a Major Exploration Company in their projects down there.  While Kevin is off consulting in the Energy sector, His wife Mona, and the rest of the family all have a part in keeping things moving safely.  

As always, the company follows Kevin’s mantra. “NOBODY GETS HURT TODAY” Kevin’s lifelong dedication to making sure everyone goes home and in one piece can be heard somewhere at some time daily.

In his off time, Kevin & Mona and their sons Logan & wife Niki & Spencer operate a hay and cattle ranch in Central Alberta.

Four generations! 

Tom (second from right), Tom’s son Kevin (second from left), Kevin’s son Logan (far left), Kevin’s son Spencer (far right), Logan’s oldest son Eli (Kevin’s left arm) and Logan’s second son, Forrest (Kevin’s right arm)


Once the woodland projects are completed and the brush and willows and stumps are mulched and we have spread some grass seed, we haul the trees home.  Quite simply we mill what we can into rough lumber, and the rest we buck up and sell as firewood.

The woodland management and fencing contracting are the basis of everything we do outside of the oilfields.  The business we have built is quite simple.  We strive on every project to have the cost of the work paid for by the trees we remove to make room for the project.  Its not possible with everything we do but when we can, it is a great system that works well for everyone.  Especially the land or property owner.

Simply put, if you wanted to replace a half mile of fence along one side of your property but the trees have all grown up over the last 25 years, we would come in and survey the fence line and tell you how many feet we would need to clear to cover the cost of the project.  Then we bring the trees home, mill what we can, and buck up anything else to use as firewood.  The landowner pays nothing, and we sell the forest products for our income from the project.  And the best part of all is all of this is done with low impact machines.  We mulch or remove everything.  There are no brush piles to clean up.  There is nothing to burn or bury.  Pasture it the year after!

Forest Products


We are putting together a gallery of all of the amazing things that we can create for you or that you can create with the beautiful rough cut timbers that we sell. As well, Mona is a gifted photographer and there will be a special gallery solely for her works in this area. 

Mona’s Art

Mona’s Photography

Enagic Water 

Drone Surveys

Livestock & Equipment

Oilfield tubing panels

We try and keep a stock on hand, but they seem to go as fast as we can make them!  Let us know what you need, and we can get it built.  Or maybe your corrals need a bit of work.  We can custom build something to suit your needs.  Most of us have ended up with a mixture of all different brands of panels and gates.  We can make them fit!  We off er all sizes of panels and heights too.  We can fill them with steel sucker rod or planks from our mill.  I prefer planks for the high-pressure areas as you can see in one of the pictures

Live Beef

Coming in 2022.  We will be selling beef on the hoof.  Ethically raised, hormone, and steroid free.  And at a fraction of the cost of the grocery stores.  Plan and talk to your family or neighbor.  Plan to split a whole beef with 2 or 3 families or keep it all to yourself!


For Sale


Sold out presently but will resume sawing soon


Some birch and spruce left that is already bucked.  Several decks of timber drying for this year

Livestock Equipment

Building every day


Everything spoken for this year!

Our Story

Make your vocation your vacation. That is the secret to success.” - Mark Twain

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