Sales Brochure

       In Rural Alberta, it has become almost impossible to navigate the rising costs of operating a small farm or ranch.  Every year it gets harder to get projects completed because your calves and crops are selling for less and your input costs are getting higher.

       Improvements to your acreage or land has become non-existent due to the staggering costs of such projects.

       One of those costs is maintaining and repairing our fences and fence lines.  Over the years the bush has crept closer and closer to our fences making it impossible to do anything with them.                                                                                         

       What do you do?  Most of us have hired a bulldozer or owned one at one time or another and have had miles of trees and brush knocked over and put in a pile so we could run a fence line.  


       The bulldozer work was thousands of dollars.  Then the cost of the fence.  After it is done you spent $15-20,000.00 for a half mile of fence and there are still all the brush piles to clean up.  That takes years.  I still have brush piles that I made 15 years ago.

       I will clear your fence lines of all the trees, brush, and dead falls.  I will build a brand new 4 or 5 wire fence.  And it will cost you nothing out of your pocket.

       I will survey the fence line and figure out what trees there are that I can turn into cash.  That is how you will pay me for the fence.  For a half mile of fence, so far I have been clearing between 70-120’ of bush along the fence line to pay for the fence.  That equals 4-7 acres of bush or trees.  You cannot get a logger to look at anything that small.  The cost of moving their equipment is just too high for a small harvest like we do.  Logging has become so expensive on a large scale that there are very few options left for people needing a small selective harvest done.  We use small equipment with very little ground pressure.  We cannot move as fast as the bigger operations and machines, but we can accommodate smaller harvests and make it work for everyone.

       Several years ago, a gentleman in west central Alberta posted on a forum looking for some way to selective harvest 15 acres.  Here are a few of the responses he received.

•    The way I see this situation -
1) -- 15 acres is not a large tract of land
2) -- pine usually is fairly wide spread and hopefully no infestation by bugs
3) -- if not wanting it "clear cut", that means "selective logging", which means
labor intensive with minimal soil disturbance..
4) -- how mature is this stand and what would it "scale" at ?
5) -- unless you know of a small saw mill operator, chances of getting ANY
monetary gain does not appear to be significant
6) -- any contractor would probably have to be close by to cut down on
trucking expenses
I hope I am wrong and you can get what you want as stated...

•    I do a fair amount of clearing for pipelines and roads. We don't like to see any salvage timber. We just want to burn it. Cost ya more to get it out of the bush than what its worth.

•    Are you looking to score a profit? You might have better luck to trade wood for the service of removing it.....ask them to leave you a few cut and stripped trees for firewood and you both win.....don't know much about logging but I would guess for them to move a outfit to your location for a little 15 acre piece that you don't want totally cleared would be expensive and time consuming I would guess the most enticing way would be for the wood to be free to them if they come remove it.

        So yes, there are challenges for sure, but with the system we have developed it can work for everyone.

        If there are not enough trees to meet the cost, maybe you have a tractor, an old grain truck, some haying equipment, or some cows to trade.  

       The best part is I do it all with small equipment or by hand.  I will haul away anything I can turn into cash and mulch everything else.  When I am done, there are no ruts, no brush piles full of dirt from the bulldozer, no garbage, no rocks, and no stumps.  It will look like a park!  You will be able to graze it the next year! 

       Call the house at 403-843-4160 or my cell phone at 1-403-396-3572.  You can call Mona at 1-403-396-0211

       Or better yet email us at the contacts at the top of this page.  

       If I do not answer the phone, please leave a message, or text my cell as we do not have good cell service at home.

       If you are interested call us soon as we can only book so many fences per season.

Kevin Raabis